About Us

Welcome to Greenville Grove!

We provide home decor made from natural or recycled materials.


The idea for Greenville Grove started when trying to find a rug for a new apartment. We wanted something that was made of natural materials because we hoped it would lower environmental impact, and introduce more nature into the home.

What started as a simple, straightforward task quickly turned into a rabbit hole when we started to consider what went into creating a rug.

We struggled to find a trustworthy source that could show us a variety of natural rugs. When we didn't find one, we created it, and Greenville Grove began.

We ❤️ Our Brands!

We strive to have close relationships with our brands, understanding the materials they use and how they build them into wonderful products. If you ever have a question about a product, please reach out to us! We will do our best to find the answer (and subsequently update our product to reflect this new information). We love expanding our knowledge base.

Our 🌱 Policies

Our company has an environmentally net-zero impact, with plans to become net positive in the coming months. We accomplish this in a few ways:

Carbon Offset Shipping

Any shipping that occurs between a where a product is being stored and the customer is carbon offset. We purchase bulk carbon offsets quarterly, and will be posting about them in our blog if you want to learn more.

Remote Team

Our team works 💯 remote (and we love it!). This removes any environmental impact a physical office would have. In the rare even there is business travel, we purchase carbon offsets for those flights.

Continued Learning

We try our best to keep our finger on the pulse of what's happening in our communities of natural home decor. As we continue to read and learn more, we will be publishing the findings on our blog so that you can also learn more about the crossroads of home decor and nature. Feel free to join our newsletter to keep up with the latest!

Thank You!

Thank you for supporting us! Without you our community wouldn't exist. We truly hope we are helping to make your lives a bit easier, providing quality home decor that you can feel good purchasing.